Teacher’s Day Greetings

Hi everyone. How are you all. Today am going to share some ideas about gift for the upcoming teacher’s day.Without teachers we cannot shine in any fields. Teachers motivate us to do everything. They always inspire us to give our best & their unlocking passion during the lock down.

Teachers are really hardworking and amazing.Some schools are closed and in some places they are open. Wherever you are whatever you do.. Don’t forget to wish teachers on their special day and shower your love for them.. Teachers are also one among the unsung heroes during this pandemic situation. They manage their families and also preparing online classes which is somewhat difficult.

Show them their love by giving gifts , cards and wishes. Make them feel special. Teachers have lots and lots of patience,they care for us, they understand our feelings. In my life each and every teacher has a special part .Other than subjects they guide us more in all situations.How to handle everything.. I love all my teachers.. Happy teachers day to all my wonderful teachers.. Everybody has their favorite teacher who made our life a piece of art. Send them your teacher day wish in a way that they will remember it.

The role of teachers can’t be explained in words. They are the sunshine in our life.Am gonna show you 3 types of greeting card to our teachers. If you have kids you can make them to do it.Very easy and for sure the effort you put to do the cards for sure teacher will love it.

Greeting card No 1

Let me tell you how to do the above card.

Things needed

  1. Pista shell ( pistachio outer cover )
  2. Chart Paper or Card
  3. Acrylic color
  4. Brush
  5. Color pen
  6. Cotton
  7. Glue


  • Take the pistachio shell and paint it with different color. Then let them dry.
  • Then paste the shell on the card closely.
  • Then decorate as you wish and write some quotes.

Greeting card No 2

This is a very simple and easy greeting card. Kids can make this to their teachers. Teachers will love this for sure. It’s a simple and kind way to thank our teachers.

Things needed

  1. Poster color
  2. Sketch Pen


Use your kids thumb finger to look like a caterpillar and send your thanks to your teachers. Kids love to do this activity.Another activity you can make like this.

Greeting card No 3

Things needed

  1. Ice cream sticks
  2. Acrylic color


  • Take the ice cream sticks and cut accordingly like it looks like a crayon..
  • Paste it in the card. Before that make sure to paint with your favorite colors and do some emoji’s and finally write your wishes you want to say to your teacher.That’s all a greeting card is ready..

Hope you will try and surprise your teacher. Happy weekend. My hearty happy teacher’s day for all the teacher’s. Also don’t forget to follow my blog and leave your comments by how you surprise your teachers… See you in the next post..


Hi guys. Today am going to show you a fun and creative art that you can do when you feel bored at home. Creating a dot painting is a fun activity. It’s a little bit similar to Pointillism but here it is inspired by different artists and Aboriginal art. It’s a great therapeutic and relaxing. Aboriginal art has a deeper meaning that you can look into as well. You can tell stories through this type of art or just create a beautiful artwork while relaxing. This is a super cute,fun and easy design. Make this unique gift for your loved ones.

Tools needed :
1. Cardboard or Canvas Board.
2. Painting brush/Ear buds/Pen tips.
3. Acrylic color/ Poster color.
4. Compass.


  • Take the black cardboard or if you are not having any cardboard use black canvas and take a compass to draw circle of equal interval. Approximately 15 circles came for me. You can minimize the number of circles as per your convenient.
  • First keep a large center dot and small dots around it with white paint in the first circle.In between the first and second circle keep large white dots, then in the outer second circle keep small white dots.
  • In the 3rd circle keep large white dots above the line and in-between the 3rd and 4th circle keep small dots. Draw another circle of small dots above the 4th circle.In-between 4th and 5th circle draw large green dots.
  • Then use different colors as per the above pictures. After the white paint dries off use multiple color so that the painting looks pretty good.

  • Repeat the process till the paper is filled with dots.

Hope you should have a wonderful experience of painting . If you frame this it looks really great. Try this and let me know. Kindly share and follow my blog for new updates . Thank you for all the love and support .Catch you all in an another post until then bye and take care.

Colorful Painting – Bal Ganesh

Hello everyone. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hope you all are doing good. In this lockdown to make your day joyful I have a special painting to share with you guys.

The painting of Lord Ganesh is my art of the week. I hope you all would like it and is an easy painting that everyone can try this. Once it is done, you will come to know about the painting master inside you.

Since we got stuck in this lockdown we cannot go outside ,so I thought of painting in cardboard. You can paint as per your wish in various materials.

Things needed

  1. Cardboard
  2. Acrylic Color
  3. Paint Brush

You can use any drawing paper or even canvas paper. If you don’t have acrylic you can use poster color or any kind of water color.


For your reference I have drawn the Lord Ganesh outline with pencil. You use white colour paint for the outline.

  • Draw a semicolon “ , ”then at the end draw a “W” from there draw a “j”.This makes the trunk of ganesh.
  • Below the trunk draw a broad “ U “.  This makes the stomach of ganesh.
  • Draw the hands and legs of ganesh.
  • Then draw the ears and crown of lord ganesh.
  • Then draw the eyes of lord ganesh.
  • Finally , i have finished the painting with different colors that comes to my mind.
  • I have used a mixture of red, yellow, orange for the skin and used ultramarine blue color for legs. Eye is the most important of ganesha. I used green color,along with blue and white color.

You can give this as a gift to anyone during any festive occasions or during any house warming function. Hope you all enjoyed the drawing. Let’s meet another time, until then take care and be safe.

Handmade Gift-Explodes with Love

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing great. Today am going to share you how to make a surprise gift that explodes with love and surely make your loved ones feel wow. You can present this gift to your loved ones.. My husband was surprised on his birthday by this special gift and greeted me a lot. So now let’s see how to do this.

Things needed

  1. Cardboard
  2. Elastic
  3. Scissors
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Ruler
  6. Pen
  7. Confetti
  8. Decorative Stickers and Papers


  1. Take a cardboard of size 27cm x 27cm. Then use a pen to draw 3 rows of 9cm x 9cm as shown below

2. Trim the edge parts of the cardboard pieces as shown below

It finally looks like this

3. Now we are going to do the top of the box. The measurements are shown in the picture

4. Trim the corner edges as shown

5. Then use the scale to fold it and tape the corner

6. Then use any kind of decorative papers either patterned or any plain color paper as your wish and cover the cardboard base and also box lid

Box lid

7. This is the most important part. So be cautious while cut. Slightly cut in the middle part as shown

8. Choose a good quality elastic of size approx 14 cm. So that the box can explode easily.

9. Next stick the elastic with glue as shown in the pic. Repeat this for the other end.

10. Decorate using stickers or writings or any words that you may wish to convey your loved ones. In the middle I used my daughter’s doll to glorify . Also you shall keep your loved one’s picture in all the angles & corners. Choose the way you love to do..

These are the decorations I made inside the box. I drew some pictures and paste the dolls in the middle and also a tiny heart which glitters.

11. Finally add confetti inside the box. So that while it explode it will be more beautiful. I use the alphabet confetti because once it is done my daughter loves to play with those letters.

Finally it looks like this

If you have any questions about this please let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can..

I hope you have enjoyed this. Please don’t forget to follow my blog and share this with all your friends, family and all the people around you. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all the love and support I receive from you…

Best Home Remedy for Pain – Touch Me Not

Hi everyone.. How are you all. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Today we are going to see about an amazing health benefits of a plant. Mimosa pudica is the biological name of Thotta Sinungi (Tamil name) also referred as Touch me not. In our childhood we have come across this plant.

During those time we have played touching the plant leaves for the fun of seeing how it shrink its leaves inside. At that time we won’t have thought that it has numerous health benefits. I share one of the health benefits which I personally experienced.

Nowadays most of us are facing the problem of leg pain. Even after visiting the doctors taking tablets changing the treatments. Nothing workout for leg pain. My mom went through this cycle. At that time we came to know the benefits of this plant thotta sinungi.

It’s a simple process and my mom is relieved from pain by doing it. I hereby share the process so all could benefit from this.

  • Pluck the leaves from the plant and wash it with water.
  • Now grind the leaves in a mixer till it becomes fine paste.
  • Now apply this in the leg where there is swelling or pain.
  • Leave it for 4 to 5 hrs.
  • Then wash it.

Do this once a day for a period of 3 to 4 days continuously.

The above method can also be used for swelling in hand caused by hitting some hard materials. We applied this paste on our grandmother’s hand which had swelling due to hitting on the cot while sleeping. It showed amazing results in 2 days, the swellings had  drastically reduced and the pain she felt has gone on the 3rd day we applied the paste and so she started moving her hand freely.

I hope you all try this and get the benefit. You could experience the difference of your pain and swelling within the time period said above.Share your thoughts after experiencing it… Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Also don’t forget to follow my blog to get more updates.

Handmade Interior Works

Hi everyone. Today am going to share you an amazing idea for decorating your home on a low budget. Paper plays an amazing role in our life from childhood to till now. Yes today we are going to do a wonderful craft only using paper.

Things to buy

  1. Papers ( You can take white or any colored papers )
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Yarn

Now let’s see the procedure

Step 1

Choose any papers of your choice

Step 2

Pick one paper and cut it into square shape

Step 3 :

Fold the paper as shown below

Step 4

Step 5

Cut the paper

Step 6

Once it is done. Open the paper carefully as shown below

Step 7

Then apply glue to the paper leaving one by one.

Repeat the steps for the remaining

Step 8

Finally once glue works done , this is the way it looks like .

Step 9

Hang it on the wall

That’s it. We are done. It looks like an amazing 3D view paper. It relaxes our mind. It helps us to get rid of boredom. Simply watching this gives us more calmness and enthusiasm. So don’t forget to try this at home. It is very easy and simple one. Doesn’t need to buy lot. Low budget yet more beautiful look to your house. If you have any queries feel free to contact me. If you try this at home. Please send your pics. Also don’t forget to follow my blog.. See you in the next post. Till then take care..

Recipe to strengthen nervous system and for weight loss

Hi everyone..How are you all. Hope everyone is doing well at home. Today I am going to share a healthy recipe which contains lots of benefits. Fiber plays a very important role in our life. Green moong contains more proteins with minerals like potassium, magnesium,iron and copper. That is why it is said to be nutrient-rich food. Since this moong contains more fiber and protein. It suppress our hunger and helps to reduce weight loss. Some of you won’t believe how it can reduce weight. It’s proven here. Please see this

Weight Loss

It provide more health benefits

  1. Lower Bad Cholesterol
  2. Helps to maintain Blood Pressure levels
  3. Maintains Blood Sugar level
  4. Strengthen nerve
  5. Helps to reduce weight loss

The ingredients for the green moong curry is given below

The procedure for this is explained below. If you have any queries feel free to contact me..

This is a very nutritious recipe. Everyone in my family love this recipe. Prepare this and give to your kids. It improves their brain development. Makes you to reduce weight. Share your experience while preparing this recipe.So don’t forget to leave your comments and subscribe my blog.

Hut house from paper

If you are an “art paper” lover. Then try this. This is made using daily calendar. It also comes under art from waste crafts.This is made using simple techniques and don’t require great artistic skill. It is a very easy and quick way to make a paper hut house. This paper craft is really very fun. It’s very easy to do. You can even make your kids to try this at home. Follow the steps as shown below.

Step 1

Step 2

Repeat the steps as shown above. Soon you will get an amazing beautiful hut house.. You can decorate it. You can paint the house the way you like.

Painted hut house in my showcase

It is very easy and simple. So try this at your home and share your views. Don’t forget to follow my blog.

Simple but smart gift to your loved ones

Hi all painting lovers..Today am going to show you a very simple yet more attractive and romantic drawing for you.

Materials required for drawing:

  1. Sketch Pen -Black and Red
  2. Crayons
  3. Drawing Sheet / Any A4 Size paper
  4. Pencil
  5. Scale
  6. Sharpener
  7. Eraser
  8. Black Gel

Before you start


But once you start drawing then you can never stop. Do not get frustrated. You will need more practice to get the look you want. For drawing this you no need to buy the painting colors from the shop. All you need is just the crayons your little ones have. For colors , I’ve confused to choose the fill ups . Then I remembered my 1st meeting with my heart in an evening and then my imagination flowed on my sketch with colors . Painting is about the way of imagination .

Once you start drawing, sure you will be pleasant surprised. If you try, send me your drawings to my mail.. Happy coloring artist. See you in next post. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog.. Thank you.

Happy Father’s day

Hi everyone. Today is the father’s day. Lot of us won’t be able to spend father’s day with our father’s during quarantine. Yes, my dad is in India and am here in Singapore. We both chatted in video calls. Father is more special in everyone life. My father is my all time favorite. He is very inspiration, protective,sacrificing and most of all loving. Whenever I feel down my father’s word gives me boost up. Always our dad will be guiding us, giving advice and advice whether we like or not he will shower us with his advice.Funny isn’t it. But on a serious note, his words will give strength to us and his hard-work will make an example for all of us . My dad pampers me like a baby even after i had grown-up till now. There will be lot to say about my dad. Though we are far apart we can still celebrate our father’s day by giving him amazing gifts and surprise him either by handmade craft work or buy anything which he loves. Because every dad will feel amazing on this special day. So don’t forget to appreciate him either by cards or gifts or by handmade works when it is all done on this day.

My daughter created for her dad on fathers day.. Look into these artworks and crafts from my daughter.

  1. Cards

You can use these in your cards or by using puzzle pieces or by tool nuts..

2. Special HUG

You can create like this. Give a Big hug to your dad by creating this easy and fantastic handmade craft. Because whatever you do for sure he will love everything. This is also an art but from waste stuffs and it is priceless for your dad ..

3. Photo Frame

You can also make a photo frame ,in no time by using your waste cardboard. Give your dad to cherish his old memories by creating an album. You know your dad better than anyone else in the world. There are plenty of gift options and ideas available to get him excited.

Let me know what you have created for your dad. So write down in the comment sections and don’t forget to subscribe my blog..Happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers all over the world.